Company Profile

Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO) office


Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO) is a Schedule ‘C’, Mini-Ratna Category II Central Public Sector Enterprise working under the aegis of Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India. It was incorporated on 30.11.1972 registered under Section 25, Sub-section 1 clause (a) of the Companies’ Act, 1956 (now Section 8 of Companies’ Act, 2013) as a company formulated with charitable objects.

Main objects of the corporation are: -

  1. To promote, encourage and develop the availability, use, supply and distribution at reasonable cost in the country of Artificial Limbs and accessories and constituents thereof to needy persons particularly disabled Defense personnel, hospitals and such other welfare institutions.
  2. To establish facilities for the manufacture of Artificial Limbs and    accessories and constituents thereof and all other things which can be or may conveniently be used for the manufacture of or in connection with such articles, things as aforesaid.
  3. To carry on the business of manufacturers, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, dealers in and of Artificial Limbs and accessories and constituents thereof and all other things which can be or may conveniently be used for the manufacture of or in connection with such articles, things as aforesaid.
  4. To carry on the activity of promoting, imparting, launching, creating designing, adopting traditional, formal and creative means of imparting, inculcating, disseminating, diversified skills, education forms and personality development techniques by providing training, conducting seminars web seminars, counseling, e course, online classes with the intent of carrying on the business of educational and vocational skill development amongst the masses of India especially children, women, elderly and the differently abled persons either of its own or in association with any Department of the Central and State Government, National Skill development Corporation, Non-Government Organization and entities or any other body and to develop, promote, facilitate and otherwise provide educational, vocational, skill development and training materials, methods, programmes and related services at reasonable cost.
  5. To carry out the business of manufacturing, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, traders and dealers in all kind of medical and Healthcare Equipment including Hospital Beds, Ventilators, Personal Protective Kits, masks, gowns, gloves sanitization & Disinfection system etc. for promoting healthcare and providing medical relief to Public at large at reasonable cost.

The Corporation started manufacturing artificial aids and appliances in 1976. At present it has five Alimco Auxiliary Production Centers (AAPCs) at Bhubaneswar (Orissa), Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Mohali (Punjab) and Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh). Sixth AAPC is coming up in Faridabad (Haryana). which is expected to be operational soon. The Corporation also has Pan-India presence through its five Marketing Centers at New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Guwahati.

Capital Structure :

The Authorized and Paid up Capital of corporation is Rs. 60 crores and Rs. 54.10 crores respectively. It is a debt-free company with positive Net-worth.

Product Range:

The Corporation produces and distributes different types of quality aids and appliances for following categories of disabilities: -

  • Orthopedically Handicapped
  • Visually Handicapped
  • Hearing handicapped
  • Intellectually handicapped 

Business Segments: -

The Corporation is a nodal agency for the flagship ADIP (Assistance to Disabled Persons) Schemes and RVY (Rashtriya Vayoshree Yojna) schemes of Government of India where it conducts camps for benefit of PwDs and Senior Citizens.

The other streams are related to leveraging the CSR spends of major corporates in the country – both Public as well as Private Sectors; through Dealer network and directly from the State Governments.


  • Successfully conducted 5 Mega Distribution Camps with Hon’ble Prime Minister as Chief Guest in last 5 years.
  • Achieved 10 Guinness Book of World Records in the name of ALIMCO / Ministry.
  • As nodal agency coordinated organization of 72 distribution camp on 17th Sept, 2022
  • Received SCOPE Excellence Award for the year 2011-12 for outstanding contribution from Hon’ble President of India.
  • Received National Award ‘Vayoshreshtha Samman-2019’ for Services towards Senior Citizens under Institutional Category from Hon’ble President of India.
  • Received National Award (1st position) for Excellence in Cost Management -2019 from Institutes of Cost Accountants of India on 08.04.2021.


The Modernization plan of the Corporation approved by Standing Finance Committee (SFC) of Rs. 338.04 Crore on 21.03.2018 is in the advanced stage of completion. After modernization, production capacity is expected to increase up to 2.5 times the present capacity.