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S.No. Tender Number Brief Tender Description Publish DateOpening Date
1 PP-LT-APC-JBP-IronRacks-15-AZ Tender Notice for Fabrication of Iron Racks(as per Drawing and Specification)- As per tender document 22/01/2022 28/01/2022
2 PT-LT-09-AZ Tender Notice for Construction of New shed for water tank in backside of WC – 6 at ALIMCO, Kanpur” (On Turnkey Basis)- As per tender document 21/01/2022 28/01/2022
3 PT-LT-08-AZ Tender Notice for Supply, Installation and commissioning of sound proof Dismantle type Acoustic Enclosure for 750KVA DG Set (Heat Exchanger Cooled) (On turnkey basis)- As per tender document 19/01/2022 10/02/2022
4 GEM-2022-B-1845000 Tender Notice for Welding apron (Q3) , Industrial Safety Gloves- Leather and Cotton (Q3) , Protective Eye Goggles (MHA) (Q3) ,Vinyl/Rubber gloves for hospitals cleaning (Q3)- As per tender document 17/01/2022 07/02/2022
5 LT-14-PD-JBP-AZ Tender Notice for Complete Wheel Assy. of Motorized Tricycle (TD2A65)- As per tender document 17/01/2022 29/01/2022
6 GEM-2022-B-1865691 Tender Notice for HK14 (Bicycle Tyre, Heavy Duty, Size: 24" x1½ " Black, As per IS: 2414, ISI Marked) (Q3) , HK15 (Bicycle Tube, Heavy Duty, Size: 24" x1½ " , As per IS: 2415, ISI Marked) (Q3) , LA29 (Bicycle Tyre, Heavy Duty, Size: 20" x1? " , Black, As per IS: 2414, ISI Marked)- As per tender document 17/01/2021 07/02/2022
7 PT-OT-07-AZ Tender Notice for Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Automated Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant” (On Turnkey Basis)- As per tender document 13/01/2022 15/02/2022
8 GEM-2022-B-1856630 Tender Notice for Annual Maintenance Service- Photocopier Machine (as per tender documents enclosed) 13/01/2022 03/02/2022
9 GEM-2022-B-1853478 Tender Notice for Supply of Oxygen DA and CO2 gases for welding works (As per tender document) 12/01/2022 02/02/2022
10 GEM-2022-B-1845306 Tender Notice for Eva tyre wheel chair grey colour for 24" x 1 1/2" bicycle rim (As per tender document) 12/01/2022 31/01/2022
11 GEM-2022-B-1841688 Tender Notice for Rim Assy with eva tyre dia 125 mm & eva solid tyre (As per tender document) 12/01/2022 29/01/2022
12 MM-LT-78-AZ Tender Notice for Indicator Holder, Disc Holding Bracket (As per tender document) 12/01/2022 07/02/2022
13 PT-OT-06-AZ Tender Notice for Design , Fabrication, Supply, Installation and commissioning of Automatic Conveyorized Assembly lines along with Semi automatic wheel assembly system (On Turn Key Basis)- As per tender document 07/01/2022 08/02/2022
14 LT-JBP-QC-01-AZ Tender Notice for Work of Calibration & Certification of Quality Control Instruments and various equipments (As per tender document) 06/01/2022 27/01/2022
15 GEM-2022-B-1833095 Tender Notice for Old Cotton Cloth/ Dhoti, Washed, For cleaning purpose. (Q3)- As per tender document 06/01/2022 27/01/2022